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eBook Edit Pro

A simple tool to create sophisticated e-books out of your HTML documents
The program is available on Software Informer but it is discontinued on the developer's site
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eBook Edit Pro is a simple though sophisticated tool that helps you design your own e-books from any number of HTML files. The versatility of HTML documents will allow you to create e-books containing text, images, hyperlinks, bookmarks, audio, video, and so on. The result is a self-executable file that wraps up and protects the content - a compact format that is both easy to distribute and easy to open.

The whole process is simple and truly gratifying. eBook Edit Pro’s interface is designed as a wizard that will guide you through the different steps needed to create your e-book. This application offers you a high level of customization – both the arrangement of the content, and the final layout of the e-book are open to your creativity. However, all the basic functionality you need to build an e-book is already there by default, allowing you to create a fully-functional e-book with just a few clicks.

eBook Edit Pro supports HTML documents only. When you load your HTML files, the program will display all the files associated with it (images, style sheets, etc.). They will all be included and fully searchable, unless you decide to do otherwise. You then will be allowed to choose the way the book will open, its size, its icon, as well as the overall appearance of the browser – you can add a skin of your own in the background! You can also add as many “bookmarks” as you wish, i.e. hyperlinks that will take you to certain documents within the book or to external URLs. On the next step, the program will offer you the possibility of customizing the toolbar that contains the navigation buttons of your e-book, allowing you to change the fonts, background colors, deactivate unnecessary buttons, and so on. Finally, you can enhance the level of security of your book by adding a password, serial numbers, and more (security features can be made to work down to the page level). Once your e-book has been compiled, you will be presented with the starting page of your choice in a web browser window. You can then check, modify, and compile your e-book as many times as needed, until you are completely happy with the results.

For those producing materials for commercial or promotional purposes, e-books built with eBook Edit Pro offer you different customization possibilities – you may include your affiliate logo in the toolbar, or a skin specifically designed for the book, or a promotional message to be displayed when the “About” button is pressed, a pop-up or splashing screen with all your information, or all of them.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Its well structured wizard-like interface makes it easy for any user to create their own e-books
  • High level of security to protect e-book's content
  • Self-executable e-books for easy distribution and use


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